Yon-Ka has encapsulated the power of nature with sensorial and expert formulas, delivering proven efficacy and visible results since 1954. With a passion for the therapeutic properties of plants from around the world, the Multaler Laboratories created Yon-Ka phyto-aromatic treatments,

Being convinced that beauty lies within the realms of physical and mental harmony, each treatment is a unique, multi-sensory and deeply personal experience to revitalize the mind and reconnect with the body.

As a French family-owned brand, Yon-Ka is proud of its engagement towards eco-friendly, responsible development and production in France, done with the utmost respect for nature and for those who grow and harvest the precious plant-based ingredients. Yon-Ka’s essential oil complex, delivers olfactive and therapeutic experiences that Botanists & Egyptologists created.

The name stems from the Egyptian symbol of infinite rejuvenation.

YON – the life-giver

KA – part of eternity found in ancient Egypt – the creative life force

With a scientific breakthrough came the birth of the Yon-Ka Quintessence: 100% pure / 100% active and a fusion of dermatological effectiveness and powerful multi-sensory benefits. The Quintessence is an exclusive complex containing 5 synergistic oils (lavender, geranium, rosemary, cypress, thyme) to care for the skin and reconnect the mind & body.

The birth of Quintessence laid the foundation for the Yon-Ka Paris brand as the star ingredient, at the heart of all treatments and products for both face and body; its core effervescence – to stimulate the senses and cultivate healthy skin through the essence of nature.

At the foundation lie 5 key commitments, believing in the rediscovery of life-giving energy through the power of human touch to release tension, to restore life to all of the senses & ultimately revitalize the skin.