Training is one of the most crucial elements of brand support and at TPH we place utmost importance on knowing our brands inside out so that we can pass on this knowledge to all our partners 

As such we provide 5 elements of brand training to support, educate, drive and motivate your teams:

  • Essential product knowledge 
  • Learning protocols & demonstrations 
  • Modules of support sessions to drive our brands 
  • Development of training modules for individual spas and corporate clients
  • One on one roleplaying to improve skill sets 
  • Yearly training plans for all our partners & properties 

Essential Product Knowledge

Developing pertinent tools to impart information to therapists and other spa colleagues is a fundamental part of learning a brand. Being aware of cultural differences in learning methods sets us apart from other learning centres & brands.

The 20 years’ experience and knowledge of the region, allow us to modify, simplify or translate key learning tools into bite size information packs which can be easily shared and understood by partners from all walks of life and backgrounds. 

Learning Protocols & Demonstrations

Our team of educators has been dynamically trained and developed to make the most of all our treatments, experiences and journeys, to ensure the team of therapists and their colleagues understand and are able to interpret each stage of the treatment and offer a seamless experience to the guest. 

Support Sessions:

We have established learning support modules available to all our partners to assist in comprehension, application and understanding of what is needed to boost the revenue of each spa or wellness centre including clinics and retail areas.

As such, we have developed Five Support Sessions which we share online and in person, to assist in everyday tasks required to support KPI’s including: 

  • Retailing
  • Menu 
  • Booking 
  • Coping 
  • Motivation & Inspiration. 

We are now further developing these modules to incorporate sheets which guide follow up for: management, roleplay, & testing.

One-on-one Roleplaying

Often we teach and expect everyone to have the same traction on picking up knowledge and being able to expound on this. Within this region our knowledge banks vary so much as do individual learning capabilities, to combat these challenges we practice with our teams and roleplaying is a fundamental part of this.

Our roleplay sessions allow groups to learn on the spot and pick up key indicators pertinent to communication. Learning key sentences and responses is ultimately important when there are so many cultures to take into consideration both on the guest and colleague front.

Learning alone sometimes does not measure the extent of comprehension nor the ability to impart information to guests. Roleplay activities ensure confidence, knowledge and strong capabilities amongst spa & wellness partners.


Yearly Training Plans

We all appreciate the importance of planning to ensure goals, objectives and strategies are met. Therefore, for all our partners we stress the importance to have a yearly training plan to cover all facets of knowledge 

This is fundamental to driving business forward and reaching those KPI’s. By combining our FEE FREE modules and Support Sessions with the basic learning & training sessions, it allows standards to be high, knowledge to be key, motivation to grow and inspire, and targets to be met.