In partnering with The Product House we do not just stop at product provision, we provide full marketing support in terms of:

  • Events
  • Merchandising & bespoke POS
  • Activations (both in-house and outside guests)
  • Promotions & virtually all your needs to capture the right audience 
We focus upon who you wish to capture and what is going to make the biggest impact to your business.

Marketing Development

Understanding the needs and desires of your guests, delivering value, and making the use of trends and data is crucial. Each property in the region is different: to try, adapt, learn and even sometimes fail, is a most important lesson.

When developing various platforms and channels for both digital and traditional marketing assets, the crucial question is: who are we building this for? Which customer base are we creating? What is our demographic of buyers? Guest profiling and the use of social influencers is paramount to building tight targeting. 

Define, identify, win and keep customers by profiling and monitoring your tactics and long term strategies & goals are the key components of all our support.

Analyzing a myriad of aspects to create and retain guests, as well as aligning to their needs and desires may include:

  • Decision making process
  • Channels to talk to the guest
  • Using the right message
  • Choosing your language
  • Focusing on seasonal change
  • Dissecting cultural needs