Maison d’Asa

Enter the mysterious gateways of Maison d’Asa and embark on an ancestral journey through civilizations renowned for the wellness of the body and mind.

Explore a journey of the senses from across the region: delight in the traditions of Morocco, with its magnificent richness and ancient traditions: a tribute to relaxation and escapism.

Embrace a Tunisian garden with floral scents and hues.
Savor the ambient allurement of Arabian ancestry that creates unrivalled wellness ceremonies.

Be surrounded by a world of age-old Asian traditions of recovery and restoration. Entwined together the hues, scents and auras of flora and fauna, creates a perfect balance between energy of the body, soul and mind.

Each entrance encapsulates a spellbinding ceremony of the senses, where the delivery of ingredients and fragrances pay homage to their artisan origins, honoring each destination, embracing the natural and organic products by recognizing their close link to wellness and healing.

Inspired by Asma El Mernissi, her passion, generosity, love and abundance of energy are truly inspirational and shine through into the brand. The unique stories behind these traditions allow Maison d’Asa to entrance your senses and improve your well-being.

With signature treatments, Hammam, massages and facials plus our recent Hammamesque creations (if there is no Hammam), Maison d’Asa’s products are beautifully crafted with 100% organic certified local ingredients, paying homage to our regions, entrenched with history, deep heritage and traditional medicine.