Elemental Herbology

Combining innovative technology with natural botanicals, Elemental Herbology creates the ultimate wellness experiences with a wide range of facial and body care products at affordable pricing. 

With a unique approach based on the Five Element Theory, Elemental Herbology brings a new element to the TPH portfolio. Elemental Herbology delivers truly visible results to all with price conscious yet indulgent, natural facial and body care.

The ancient Chinese philosophy tells us that the Five Elements, Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water which influence our lives, need to work in harmony with one another. Dominant elements within ourselves will influence who we are, what we feel and affect our lifestyle, diet, stress levels and routine. By discovering the element we are most aligned with, we can begin to create equilibrium. 


“We work alongside Elemental Herbology to bring incredible ingredients and products which cover all skincare needs. When we first started using this brand, we were amazed at the power packed ingredients at this price level. Now we develop complete scenarios of wellness, beauty and desires with this brand, at a wide variety of properties.” 

Janette Watts, Founder & Creator