The Five Elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water, are the foundation Elemental Herbology.

Finding your element with the use of natural essential oils and probiotics, balancing these elements through inspired Chinese medicine techniques, brings together natural botanicals with innovative skin technology to restore equilibrium to your mind, body & skin. Achieve your happiest, healthiest skin using element-balancing ingredients with prescriptive, indulgent skin and body care.

Looking from the perspective that life is transient and different aspects of the environment can disrupt the flow of energy and balance, the brand is committed to creating treatments & products to bring imbalance back into harmony.


A holistic, eco conscious brand believing in ethical and responsible beauty, sourcing responsibly and respectfully from local communities and preserving the environment and everything living in it.

As a brand, Elemental Herbology support the responsible harvesting and production of all raw materials and are 100% committed to sourcing only premium grade botanicals and actives from the world’s most reputable suppliers.

Products are 100% free from synthetic fragrance, artificial color, SLS, parabens, preservatives and mineral oils to ensure skin is cared for from the inside out.

Discover Your Element

The WOOD ELEMENT rules spring, a time of awakening and fresh new growth. Wood energy is most active in the morning. Wood aligns with our BALANCE skincare range, designed for normal to combination skins. With natural actives such as Kakadu plum, magnesium and AHA’s, the Balance skincare range helps to regulate oil levels and restore lost moisture.

The FIRE ELEMENT rules summer, a time for activity and high energy. Fire energy is most active at midday. A fire person is active, energetic and ambitious, but can be prone to burnout. Fire aligns with our PURITY skincare range, which is formulated for oily and congested skins.

The EARTH ELEMENT rules late summer, a time for completion and harmony. Earth energy is at its most active in the afternoon. If you are predominantly an earth person, you’re a nurturer and peacemaker. Earth aligns with our VITALITY skincare range, which uses natural actives such as kombucha, vitamin C and AHA’s to protect skin from environmental damage, helps to even the skin tone and restore vitality.

The METAL ELEMENT rules autumn, a time for boosting reserves. Metal energy is at its most active in the evening. If you are predominantly a metal person, you are one of life’s planners – organised and focused. Metal aligns with our LONGEVITY skincare range. With naturally restorative and high-performance actives such as peptides, AHA’s and blue-green algae, the range helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, boost elasticity and give skin longevity.

The WATER ELEMENT rules winter, a time for rest and repair. Water energy is at its most active at night. If you are predominantly a water person, you’re intuitive and empathetic, but can withdraw from the world and worry at times. Water aligns with our HYDRATION skincare range- perfect for dry, dehydrated and sensitive skins. With natural actives such as hyaluronic acid, rose damask and chamomile, the water skincare range helps to calm, soothe and deeply moisturize skin, restoring hydration.