Based on exceptional hand-harvested seaweed, certified organic products and knowledge of the local traditions of seaweed baths and seaweed treatments, VOYA strive to bring the full power of nature in its purest forms.

VOYA was one of our first brands and after 10 years together it has grown into a truly niche and genuine offering, using generations of acquired wisdom about the sea to bring an organic beauty range designed to delight and purify the body.

VOYA creates beauty and skincare treatments with integrity and in full harmony with the earth and its seas. Inspired by breathtaking natural beauty and long-standing traditions, VOYA has adopted organic and sustainable ways of creating products. Using only sustainable harvesting practices, they ensure there is no damage the delicate coastal environment.

With their exquisite new packaging and ranges including specific lines dedicated to a wide variety of audiences, they take exceptional marine elements and combine them with natural science. 


VOYA is currently the only producer of certified, organic cosmetic grade seaweed and Halal Certified products here in the Middle East.

“Another awesome husband and wife team with an incredible family and support team. Voya has always captured so much interest in this region, surrounded the sea, with a overwhelming connection to nature and fundamental care towards the environment, in addition to being Hallal certified, makes it pretty perfect”

Janette Watts, Founder & Creator, The Product House