Proverb combines the passion and academia of two Oxford graduates, a skincare expert and an ex-professional athlete, both obsessed with creating products that deliver better health & performance. This is no eco bandwagon, it is their life’s work

11 years playing in the Rugby Premiership introduced us to endocrine disruptors in beauty products. The catalyst for Proverb, rigorously testing on sweaty athletes and a drive to only use ingredients which you would put into a nutribullet!

In close collaboration with TPH, Proverb brought gym and skin closer together with a new range of treatments and products allowing an easy transition for gym-goers to enjoy spa & wellness as part of their routine.

“Be kinder to your skin and create a life fueled routine for both morning and evening with Proverb natural skincare”


Proverb now integrates powerful formulations of facial and body gym products to give everybody the ‘pre and post-gym’ feeling of confidence, happiness, and empowerment.

Their treatments include the latest STRETCH, ALIGN, AND HIIT facial and body experiences.

Proverb is for all audiences: those who take their HEALTH, performance, and the ENVIRONMENT seriously or just want to improve their every day life. They take the understanding and efficacy of elite SPORTS NUTRITION and apply it to skin, harnessing CLEAN, ACTIVE, NATURAL and ORGANIC ingredients such as proteins, antioxidants and enzymes, formulated for LAB PROVEN RESULTS

At Proverb, delivering results without all of the toxic chemicals, additives and cheap bulking products, whilst drawing a clear link between sport, clean eating and what you absorb, is paramount to a healthy life choice.
Proverb skincare uses only natural, organic, vegan and cruelty-free ingredients.

Their latest launch includes an on-trend set of amenities delivered to you in captivating holders plus a range of cost-effective and of course natural body oils for today’s demanding and competitive life.