Proverb offer a unique training program to inspire men to discover the link between clean eating, training regimes and skincare. 

Proverb integrate powerful formulations of facial and body gym products to give everybody the ‘post-gym’ feeling of confidence, happiness and empowerment.

Luke and Kirstie Sherriff have taken their combined expertise and not only developed an effective, natural skincare and sports nutrition range but also have taken giant steps forward to merge spa and gym using their historical experience to create gym boxes and tool kits to present an assisted stretch.

Proverb are conscientious about the ingredients that go into their products and many based on the healthy foods that we actually eat. Formulations are packed with clean, natural, active and organic ingredients such as anti-oxidants, proteins and enzymes, and free from SLS, artificial fragrances and propylene glycol, leading them to become the first global male skincare brand to be EWG verified. 

All of these attributes are designed to help skin, body and mindset achieve peak condition.

“This husband and wife team have worked endlessly with TPH to create a new entity for hotels whereby they can harness the revenues of gym goers and hotel guests and convert them into spa and wellness”.

Janette Watts, Founder & Creator