HOMMAGE epitomizes modern masculinity, in all shapes and forms, focusing on the barbershop offering in addition to spa & wellness, with a new era of treatments: GENERATION HOMMAGE

The ultimate luxury skincare solution for today’s modern man focused on a range of timeless and intuitive products formulated with top shelf ingredients, forming a fuss-free routine that fits into a myriad of lifestyles.

HOMMAGE believes in taking time to invest in your skin, as a main goal & focus, in addition to looking after your body & lifestyle choices.

Timeless Products For The Modern Man

Rooted in over 10 years of science and advanced formulations, when used religiously as part of your morning routine and evening ritual, HOMMAGE will take your skin to to the top of its game.

Products are exclusively made in limited batches and tailor-made to target the areas you care about the most.

From cleansing, purifying, awakening and fortifying, the new GENERATION HOMMAGE allows attention to be placed on all the senses.

With sought after, on-trend and new lifestyle appropriate options of: TECH, AROMA, & CRYO.

The new TECH plus experiences assist in improving blood flow, diminishing cellulite, eliminating water retention, improves mobility, assists in tension release and calms aches and pains

The AROMA infused poultices work to ease muscles, tension and stress working on the olfactory system to lower anxiety and depression, boost feelings of relaxation, improve sleep, help improve the immunity and quality of life and fight bacteria.

CRYO therapy not only cools in warm climates but eliminate puffiness, reduce oiliness, eases acne, soothes sunburn, reduces swelling and boosts the skins healthy glow

GENERATION HOMMAGE not only brings far reaching options for shave, but extends to new life-centric needs and desires with a selection of in-chair treatments and on couch options.

GENERATION HOMMAGE has created XPRESS treatments for barber shops and bespoke approaches to spa & wellness with on couch offerings, using their unique collection of products and ingredients such as:

  • Matricaria flower extract: soothing and improving skin complexion by relieving inflammatory skin conditions.
  • Cucumis Sativus fruit extract: a blend of rare plant extracts to soften and moisturize the skin, removing antioxidants and pollution Retinyl Palmitate: combining with your skin’s natural enzymes, converting it to retinol, powerfully treating wrinkles by encouraging the growth of new skin.
  • Parietaria Officinalis Extract: obtained from the leaves and stem of the ‘Passionflower’ contains anti-inflammatory properties useful in treating skin irritations due to acne breakouts.