Dr Burgener Switzerland

Dr Burgener Switzerland stands apart from all our other brands having its own laboratory for creating bespoke ranges and products for our individual properties.

We work so closely with Dr Pauline Burgener, who is the driving force behind the brand. This high end, luxury skin and body care range is aimed at the most discerning guests who strive to choose the best products with natural ingredients combined with latest technologies.

Working together we create new ideas and concepts for a limited selection of spa and wellness properties. Our approach follows theirs in that we individualise all of our presentations and offerings to suit the nature of the business, audience and desired story.

In combining treatments and products with a high concentration of Natural Active Ingredients, such as Green Caviar, 100% Collagen, Gold trace elements, all hand selected, with cutting-edge Swiss technologies we create a unique portfolio of products and concepts bespoke to individual spa and wellness facilities.


“We love working along side this sister team who chose TPH as their preferred partner due to the passion and commitment we share in driving the brand forward and presenting our partners with unsurpassable and truly different paths to follow with a focus on ROI”

Janette Watts, Founder & Creator