Spa & Wellness Leaders Forum

The Spa & Wellness Leaders Forum is a space to discuss views, exchange ideas and address challenges surrounding the Spa & Wellness industry in the Middle East. Members can seek advice from industry experts, share their experiences, and initiate and participate in effective discussions alongside other members. 

Why join?

What can begin as a simple discussion around new ideas can evolve into valuable information that can benefit your entire spa and wellness business. The Spa & Wellness Leaders Forum is a powerful tool for decision-makers to build on their industry and business knowledge. 

As a member of the forum, you will get:

  • Access to the online space to interact with other members
  • Exclusive invites to watch monthly live panel discussions where community experts will discuss topics and issues surrounding the local spa and wellness industry
  • The opportunity to put forward questions and suggest topics for future panel discussions
  • Answers to quick-fire questions from industry experts
  • The chance to earn rewards based on contribution to the forum

Who is the Spa & Wellness Leaders Forum for?

  • Decision makers, managers, directors, and executives within the Spa & Wellness space in the Middle East
  • People who are actively seeking ways to improve their spa and wellness business
  • People who are looking for advice and tips but are also willing to share their experiences with others to help them improve as well
  • Executives who want to be more active in the local community