Camellia’s Tea House

Camellia’s Tea House focuses on the source of the ingredients. Founded in 2007 and born from a desire to create a wellness range of handcrafted teas which are not only founded on the health properties of tea, but also on the quintessential heritage of tea drinking. 

In order to provide that seamless spa journey and added value, a beverage offering, aligned with your treatments is a fabulous solution. 

We partnered with Camellia’s Tea House because of the artisan, eclectic, result effective nature of their bespoke offering. 

The founders of the business, Ajit, one of the first tea sommeliers in the UK  & Lubna Madan, a homeopathist, combine their knowledge by using original and unique tea recipes bespoke to each offering.
This knowledge, experience and therapeutic philosophy creates unique herbal infusion blends and signature offerings. Teas are imported from specialist tea gardens known for their quality and pesticide free manufacturing processes
An inspirational mix of teas can be fused into bespoke signature labels, available in sample, retail, refills and bulk. 

“Ajit and Lubna are a joy to work with. Their creativity, passion and perseverance, guarantees our partners the best in floral & herbal fusions, black, white and green tea and totally signature offerings for each of our properties. It is this ability that makes our partners stand out for the crowd as well as lead the field in this sector of the spa, wellness and health industry ”

Janette Watts, Founder & Creator