/skin regimen/

/skin regimen/ is a new skincare line for urban dwellers with a demanding, fast-paced lifestyle. The range is designed and clinically proven to reduce the effects of daily stress and pollution on both the skin and mind. 

/skin regimen/ focuses on sustainability, built with the purpose of making their business a source of positive impact for people and the planet.

Designed to be totally functional, Skin Regimen formulas are concentrated with powerful botanicals and high-tech molecules. Formulated with a reinvigorating natural aroma and cooling massageable textures.

The natural genderless aroma is a modern blend of four essential oils with rebalancing and reinvigorating properties. Juniper, Copahu, Rosewood and Cedarwood are extracted from resins and berries and are known to provide strength and endurance needed to face life’s challenges. 


“This modular skincare offering is superb for time deprived millennials or those needing a quick and simple skin routine with limited products but by being super effective add-on serums. Definitely fills a much needed gap: simplistic, urban driven, visually clean and super effective”

Janette Watts, Founder & Creator