Omorovicza takes an artful approach to delivering nutrient rich minerals to the skin with spectacular results. Using Hydro Mineral Transference harnessing the super-absorption of minerals from healing waters by the epidermis. 

Working with a Hungarian Nobel Prize-winning laboratory of dermatology (famous for its discovery of Vitamin C), Omorovicza harvests minerals from the world’s largest source of healing thermal springs and transforms their chemical composition, improving their delivery to the skin for optimum results.

This delightful story dates back to some 2,000 years ago to the discovery of the ancient thermal springs of the Hungarian capital of Budapest. Stephen de Heinrich de Omorovicza and his wife, Margaret, rediscovered this legacy and pioneered and patented a delivery system to empower genuine healing.

Omorovicza embellishes a variety of beautiful collections:

  • Hydro Mineral Collection
  • Moor Mud Collection
  • Gold CollectionBlue 
  • Diamond Collection


Today, Omorovicza is a global beauty brand located in the world’s most exclusive stores and spas, with legions of loyal fans.

“We are delighted to partner a Hungarian super result driven brand, using totally unique absorption mechanisms and totally result driven ingredients, formulas and products.”

Janette Watts, Founder & Creator