The science of rewilding skin

A healthy microbiome is essential to keep skin looking younger for longer. Rewilding is the science of returning skin to its balanced and “wild” state through biotechnology. Esse helps create the environment for the skin’s natural microbes to flourish, restoring its ecology.

Esse offers a sustainable solution in scientifically proven organic biotechnology. Probiotics and prebiotics in organic formulations help restore the balance in a process they call “rewilding” – resulting in younger and healthier looking skin.

ESSE’s unique treatments include the world’s first live probiotic facial, where expert massage is combined with the application of billions of live Lactobacillus microbes to the treatment area. Lactobacillus naturally produce hyaluronic acid, which drives water into the skin, for a hydrating and plumping effect. They also produce lactic acid and anti-microbial peptides, which shift the skin microbiome in your favour, and protect against harmful microbes.

Everything is made on the farm in Richmond with plant products coming from all over Africa. We support a lot of rural women’s co-operatives that harvest wild plants for us. I would like to play a part in creating a beautiful, indefinitely sustainable future,” says ESSE Founder Trevor Steyn, “Esse will continue on its path to build more effective and more sustainable products.’’